Permanent Remote Workforce Accommodations

  • Operator camps & lodges
  • Administration buildings
  • Offices
  • Operational control facilities

Steel Buildings

  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Maintenance and repair shops
  • Instrument shops

Our steel buildings can be customized to suit a number of industries, including Resource/Energy, Agricultural/Forestry, and Military.


  • Retail storefront
  • Hotels/hospitality
  • Professional offices and workspace
  • Distribution and logistics centres
  • Auto dealerships

Public & Government

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Seniors and assisted living complexes
  • Fire, medical, and security
  • Military offices and accommodations

Mixed-Use Residential & Commercial Developments

  • Condos and apartment buildings

For more information please visit Nomodic Home.

Remote Recreational

  • Cabins and cottages
  • Acreages and farmhouses
  • Fishing and hunting lodges

For more information please visit Nomodic Home.

Nomodic Kitchen
Nomodic Bedroom
Nomodic Fitness Room