Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and led by an experienced leadership team, Nomodic is committed to raising the standard in offsite construction with a focus on built-to-suit modular living and work spaces.

By giving our clients the flexibility and resources needed to achieve their unique visions, we have developed a reputation as a company firmly committed to creating long-term value through custom, site-specific solutions. Nomodic’s core strengths are our proven design team, process, and flexible service model, which combine to optimize our clients’ budgets and ensure they receive the best possible product, customized to their site and needs.

The vast majority of our business has come from repeat clients and referrals. Our growth is driven in large part by an unwavering focus on our mandate: to make our clients more successful.

Using modern modular construction methods that exceed conventional construction in build quality, we’re able to build and assemble structures smarter and faster.

For photos of our recent projects, please visit the Gallery.

Our Mission:

To maximize and align community benefit with economic returns for property owners and developers by providing the most sustainable and livable buildings possible. Our buildings will be custom-designed for both comfort and functionality, delivered faster and with superior reliability.

Our Vision:

To help people and communities build futures, sustainably.

Our Values:

Integrity – We value honesty and uphold ourselves to consistent moral and ethical standards.
Collaboration – We are committed to a culture of transparency and teamwork.
Innovation – We continually strive to develop more sustainable and efficient solutions for our clients.

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